Please be informed that there will be a primary auction of Nigerian Treasury bills on Wednesday, 19th July, 2017 for the following maturities:

91 DAYS 19-OCT-17 36,786,994,000 36,786,994,000
182 DAYS 18-JAN-18 39,175,905,000 39,175,905,000
364 DAYS 19-JUL-18 129,000,000,000 129,000,000,000

Below are the rates in the secondary market obtained from the FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange as at 13th of July, 2017:

Rates in the secondary market in the last one week have remained slightly stable from previous weeks. Due to current market conditions, rates at the primary auction may close around what we have in the secondary market.
Following the table above, the rates at which Capital Bancorp Plc (CBP) will bid at this auction through a licenced Primary Dealer and Market Maker (PDMM) are as follows:

91 days – 13.00%
182 days – 16.50%
364 days – 17.50%

NOTE: Settlement for this auction will be on Thursday, 20th
Contact your Primary Dealer and Market Makers (PDMMs).


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